#4Reasons To Love BEING MARY JANE!


YEAR: 2013


SEASONS: 3 (Ongoing)

STARRING: Gabrielle Union (as Mary Jane)

RATING: 8 hearts 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙(Powerful)




Being Mary Jane is simply the story and life of a black woman, her work, her family as well as her popular talk show which she hosts.



  1. Mary Jane is a like-able character with personality faults. I’m a writer so trust me when I say, writing such a multi-dimensional character is a real puzzle, and I think the BMJ Writers totally solved it.images (18)
  2. It’s educative in it’s own way. For those that only watch TV with their eyes and not their ears too, you may not have noticed that the show’s characters more than once, tend to bring up serious issues directly or indirectly and discuss it as well. In a way, that seems cool to me, they are educating the viewers…Should have seen that coming in a B.E.T Show though!images (17)
  3. The story-line’s are few for a 1 hour Drama, yet surprisingly rich. I think its because Mary Jane’s life centers around all the other characters, one way or the other. So there is no real need to give another character a major story-line if they can just attach them to various parts of Mary Jane’s life….. You Get Me!?images (19)
  4. But Of course, the main and real reason I fell in love with ‘Being Mary Jane’ was because of the Romance. And as much as YOU are trying to deny, that’s the reason you like it too. Mary Jane’s relationship drama is literally keeping the show running and for those thinking she’s gonna be single for a while, trust me, more rom-drama’s closer than you think!Screen-Shot-2014-02-12-at-6.20.27-AM


Being Mary Jane is lowkey becoming one of the most successful television shows of the century, and this will probably continue if they keep on doing the things on the list up there.

Series recommended for fans of shows with awesome soundtracks, continuous drama and romance galore!

click HERE to watch clips of the show ‘Being Mary Jane’

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